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SRK knows that facilities are more than buildings, your business depends on them. Through thorough, independent, comprehensive assessments, SRK gives our clients piece of mind knowing the facilities reviewed and validated are operating at optimal performance, allowing you to focus your core business. Specialties include datacenters, healthcare facilities, laboratories, manufacturing and process control, educational facilities, and office high rises.

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Commissioning Services

Studies show that commissioned buildings are more likely to perform as intended and avoid operational problems.  Designing and constructing a new facility or upgrading an existing one brings business challenges that add stress and effort to your already busy day.  Working with a commissioning partner beginning with the conceptual planning phases all the way through occupancy and operation can minimize many of the uncertainties of the process.


Incident Investigation

Downtime of a facility due to a failure is essentially a flawed outcome of a product, system, or process that reflects a breakdown in reliability.  Initiating investigative services to uncover the root cause of the issue, not merely identifying and eliminating symptoms is the key to preventing future impacts to your business.  This effort can take the focus away from your daily operations.  Engaging an trained and skilled investigator to reach the root cause issues is an easy return on investment.


Facility Upgrade Planning

Facility Upgrade Planning Service is a process that can lead to better, more proactive delivery of services from a facility management organization to its stakeholders.  Developing a plan and design for how your system should look and operate is sometimes the easy part.  Determining the process and method for implementation to minimize business impact requires a specialist in understating the upgrades.


Operational Assessment Services

To maintain system reliability; operational procedures, equipment maintenance, and operator training are critical to ensure systems remain functional and able to operate at peak performance.  Analyzing current processes and site personnel to developing site specific operational procedures and training programs creates an environment with higher reliability, improved employee morale, and drives operational efficiency.

*Engineering services as determined by state law are performed by a registered engineering firm.


Retro Commissioning

As facilities are operated, changes to system parameters or operational requirements change create a system that is not operating at necessary efficiencies or reliability.  Engaging an independent Commissioning Agent specializing in working with operational facilities can help identify areas of improvement to maximize reliability while decreasing operating costs.  Managing business continuity with system improvements are key benefits of retro-commissioning.


Consulting Services

With specialists from electrical services and distribution systems to mechanical HVAC plants, SRK provides valuable insights on a variety of MEP operating systems and design concepts.  Whether you are looking at improving your existing systems  or evaluating the need for a new facility, SRK can assist you in making informed and educated decisions to ensure your direction aligns with business requirements.

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Innovation


I have had the distinction of working on a number of engagements over the last two years with SRK, a testing and commissioning company focused on the mission critical market. During that time, SRK has provided commissioning services, operating procedure development, and Peer Review services for several projects that have been executed in the live production data centers that I manage for my company.  industry for the services they offer. Their professionalism, experience, and seasoned guidance that considers multiple stakeholder perspectives have been instrumental in the successful completion of the project. 

Marcus Hassen, AT&T

I have worked with SRK Innovation for over two years in their capacity as a mission critical testing and commissioning company. During that time, SRK has served our needs as well as those of our customers without fail; their expertise and professionalism is second to none.  SRK, LLC is very well known in the region as well as throughout the national mission critical industry. Their staff have excellent customer service skills and always deliver on their promises.


Kevin Burke, CPG

Scott is an exceptional commissioning engineer with great knowledge in the field of electrical and mechanical system of the data center. I have worked with Scott in two projects where his outstanding contributions helped successfully complete them.

Fahad Al-Jabarti, Saudi Aramco

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We are a team dedicated to the meeting the needs of critical facilities managers. By providing a select suite of services focused on identifying, correcting, and validating deficiencies and improvements within critical facilities; we have a unique approach and skill sets that can help you meet the needs of your business.

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