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About Us

SRK Innovation is an adaptive company, grown from the necessity of the industry. Being small and nimble allows SRK to be able to focus on clients’ needs and root cause issues. We are an involved project management, infrastructure design planning, and commissioning firm committed to innovative sequence planning, sustainable solutions, and high-quality services for clients nationwide.

We view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust, and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects.
At SRK, we believe that there is not one correct solution that fits all clients.

We treat each client as a unique situation that needs a unique solution. We do this by focusing our consulting and commissioning services on our clients’ business practices and challenges, creating projects that position them for success. A key to our success is our ability to collaborate and communicate with all project team members.

Our goals are to create better and more efficient environments while improving system reliability, creating a better, more comfortable workplace.

Project Approach

We are Prepared to assist the team in providing a cohesive plan.

It is vitally important that the project team work together from concept to design and through construction and acceptance to critical operation and that all issues be resolved and well-documented during the project phases in conjunction with all stakeholders. This will ensure that expectations for the project are met, and it does not become necessary to add the scope later in the project process. 

This issue is particularly critical with the requirements to deliver the power and cooling to mission-critical spaces. Our team is prepared to assist by providing a cohesive plan that will allow the new infrastructure to be implemented efficiently and effectively.

We understand it is important to create strong relationships with the local project team and staff on site. Our team poses considerable insight into key issues and what will become testing priorities for critical projects.

Utilizing existing documents, client information, we work with the client and key project team members to understand the owners formulated, established, and quantified goals, objectives, criteria, and constraints which will aid in the development of preliminary a design systems manual that includes the design intent and the basis of design.

Why Commissioning

With the cost of commissioning a building at less than 1% of total construction cost and equipment commissioning at 2% to 5% of equipment cost, the benefits far outweigh the direct cost. When long-term energy gains and increased reliability and operating effectiveness is factored in, the direct cost can often be fully offset through the performance of the commissioning process.

Just as we rely on lawyers and accountants to navigate tax law, we need to begin using commissioning professionals to help us navigate the complicated process of designing, building and operating buildings properly. More and more building owners are beginning to realize that commissioning typically results in lower lifetime costs. Spending a bit more time, effort and money on the front end of a building project can save for years to come. Generally, these commissioning services are not only performed during construction but also for 12 months after the building has been occupied.

It is important to recognize the potential costs of not commissioning. These costs include schedule overruns, change orders, litigation costs, high vacancy levels, uncomfortable occupants, excessively long shakedown periods, costly post-occupancy corrections, and inability to perform adequate operation and maintenance. These costs can far exceed the price paid for commissioning. Commissioning reduces the risk of incurring these costs.

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